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Calm Your Breathing

Deeper... Slower... Relaxed

Michael Landau

November 7th, 2022

By changing the way you breathe you can change what your nervous system is doing.

Many spiritual paths use breath as a doorway. Doorway to what? That depends on what they’re aiming at.

You can use your breath as an object to focus on. In the most basic mindfulness practice, you are called to bring your attention to the breath, and come back to it again and again. The breath is an adequate object of attention because it’s always in the present moment. When you bring your mind back to your breathing, you’re back in the here and now, which is what mindfulness is all about.

Many breathing techniques are used to induce special mental states. You can enter altered states just by changing the way you breathe.

One very direct effect your breathing has on your state of mind is this: Calm your breathing and you’ll be calming your nervous system. You activate the parasympathetic nervous system that is in charge of cell regeneration, the immune system, rest and digestion. The effect is direct and immediate. And most of us need this on a regular basis.

I’m offering you a simple breathing rhythm that does just that. Breathe through your nose, make the exhale longer, breathe slowly and deeply. It is both simple and potent.

Give you nervous system a 5-minute break. My new YouTube track will help you do it.


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