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What people say about Persistent Growth

The 3-minute movement is a winner. Easy to do & I look forward to it every day. The fact that it's quick & easy may be the secret. 

Brian Dobbins    

I am so grateful for this daily practice --that's what it has become--that connects me to myself on a deep level; and connects me to the others as I read your comments about a shared experience. Thank you to all.

Mila M.    

Big learning experience with such little effort.

Berthica Prieto    

Love the design of these activities - surprising myself almost daily!

Nicky Harrick    

I am grateful for the improvement noticed so far, and even more so for several unexpected additional side benefits along the way - including some unexpected Fun here and there - more than enough to keep me interested, relatively consistent, and extremely grateful. These morning minutes are like a little gift each day to unwrap. :)

Regina Jagne    

I do look forward to these daily reminders!! Much needed daily self- care habits! Good reminders about posture, calm my mind, and focus my attention. Thank you Michael! I enjoy, appreciate, and learn from reading other's comments!!

Sharana Mueller    

Hello Michael, I am enjoying the movements very much. No matter how busy the day may be, there is always time for 3 mins. Thank you!

Colleen Jorgensen



I think you've got something here, Michael, with the 3-minute lessons. So achievable and feels like small successes every day. Thank you!

Robin Nixon   

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