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Join the


✼  ✼  ✼ New Year's Offer ✼  ✼  ✼

You get:

  • A daily 3-minute Mindful Movement practice

  • Access to all previously accumulated daily sessions (your library grows as you advance)

  • A monthly live Awareness through Movement® class (Zoom call) 

  • Access to previously accumulated ATM classes (your library grows as you advance)

  • A monthly thematic + Q&A Zoom call.

  • Space for comments to discuss questions and feedback, share ideas related to our work together, create community and find accountability and support.

  • You can end your membership whenever you choose to.


All of this, for the modest monthly fee of $47.

And your special offer for a few days only:

$18 for the first month.

(this, you must admit, is quite a symbolic price to give it a try for a month)

Your daily practice starts from day 1 when you join in

The 3-minute movement is a winner. Easy to do & I look forward to it every day. The fact that it's quick & easy may be the secret. 

Brian Dobbins 

Big learning experience with such little effort.

Berthica Prieto

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