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Dedicate three minutes a day to your well-being

  • Improve your mobility
  • Reduce tension and pain
  • Take better care of yourself
  • Walk the path of learning and growth
  • sharpen your awareness
  • Focus better
And this time with an amazing welcome gift
When you join the membership, you get a $300 course
The Habit Creation Challenge


A 5-module course that will help you implement the daily practice (and any other behaviour you wish to encourage) as a new habit in your daily life

And even if you choose to leave the membership at any moment...

You keep your Habit Creation Challenge!

Create your future self (the best version of YOU) with 

The Habit Creation Challenge


Implement a new daily habit of self care with

The Persistent Growth Membership

You get:

The 3-minute movement is a winner. Easy to do & I look forward to it every day. The fact that it's quick & easy may be the secret. 

Brian Dobbins 

  • A daily 3-minute Mindful Movement practice

  • Access to all previously accumulated daily sessions (your library grows as you advance)

  • A monthly live Awareness through Movement® class (Zoom call) 

  • Access to previously accumulated ATM classes (your library grows as you advance)

  • A monthly thematic + Q&A Zoom call.

  • Space for comments to discuss questions and feedback, share ideas related to our work together, create community and find accountability and support.

  • You can end your membership whenever you choose to. You retain access to all the material until the end of the last paid month.


All of this, for the modest monthly fee of $47.

Start immediately with Day 1

Big learning experience with such little effort.

Berthica Prieto

Each day I am reminded by your mails and invitations to do something for myself, dedicate 3 minutes for concentrated movement with me and within.

Iris Loy 

I am so grateful for this daily practice--that's what it has become--that connects me to myself on a deep level; and connects me to the others as I read your comments about a shared experience. Thank you to all.

Mila M

I am so glad to have PG in my daily life. Its value is getting more and more clear and your PDFs help explain, directly or indirectly, how it's been working.

Mila M

How does it work?

You pave the way by learning how to sustain a habit.

 You sustain a new, daily self-care habit of 

3 minutes of Mindful Movement.

  • You'll open an account on the membership platform where everything will be happening.

  • You get a daily email with a direct link to your daily practice. Find the time and place to keep the practice going every day and let it become a daily habit.

Make sure to sign up with a valid email address that will serve as our communication channel!

  • The daily session is different each day. You don't need a great effort or sacrifice; you just need to be constant.

We have two monthly live calls on Zoom:

a Q&A call and a movement class. 

  • You'll be notified about our live-call schedule ahead of time. If you can't make it live, you'll have access to the replays. There's a whole collection of replays that is available for you already, and it's growing each month!

  • Once a month we have a full-length Feldenkrais class, where we do a one-hour Awareness through Movement exploration. Access to the replays of these classes is also part of your membership.

  • These calls are an opportunity to converse, share experiences, ask and answer questions, and have direct access to Michael.

Channels of communications are available at all times

  • You are in constant contact with the community of members and with Michael:

  • There is a comment section for each daily practice, where people comment on their experience with that specific session.

  • We have a forum space open to conversation on any topic that comes up in relation to the Persistent Growth practice.

  • This is not an anonymous online course you buy and forget about. This is a lively community. You have accountability buddies who share the journey with you, and you have ongoing communication with the course creator.

You get occasional short documents to accompany your practice

  • As part of the course material, pdf documents appear every few days with different ideas that help you make sense of your practice. They elaborate on the principles and philosophy behind Persistent Growth to help you solidify your practice on the cognitive level.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

If for any reason you decide this is not for you, I got you covered with a

30-day guarantee​

in which you can ask for and get a full refund, no questions asked.

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