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Michael Landau

After 30 years as a professional musician and university professor, Michael has retired from professional piano playing and is dedicated to teaching Mindful Movement inspired by the Feldenkrais Method®.

He's graduated the first Jerusalem Feldenkrais training in 1994.

His unique approach focuses on creating a daily habit of Mindful Movement, so that focused awareness becomes part of his students' everyday lives.

His students look forward to each of the daily 3-minute sessions of Persistent Growth, that have become a daily ritual of self-care, movement, awareness and growth.

Each day they move a little better, become more aware of how they use their bodies and how they focus their minds. Each day, they become a better version of themselves.

You can join the Persistent Growth Membership and start immediately with a daily practice that makes your life a little better, one step at a time.

Want to first get an idea of what it looks like?

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Mindful Movement sessions

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