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Would you dedicate three minutes a day

to your well-being?

  • Are you more sedentary than you'd like to be?

  • Do you know you should be moving more?

  • Would you like to take care of yourself but don't find the time?

  • Do you feel the need to calm your mind?

 Reduce stress?

Improve your focus?

  • Do you want the health benefits of mindfulness but find meditation challenging...

  • Do the words learning, improvement, exploration, Mindful Movement, sound attractive to you?

But... you have no time for any of it 😞

You're not alone. And there's hope.


I have something for you.


Here is a good first step.

Get an idea of how just three minutes can make a difference; a small difference every day that grows exponentially over time.

Get free samples of Michael's

Mindful Movement sessions


They are three minutes long.

You'd be amazed at what three minutes can do for you.

And you’d be even more amazed if you stick with it for a while.

Three minutes of self-care each day are a small revolution for most of us!

I think you've got something here, Michael, with the 3-minute lessons. So achievable and feels like small successes every day. Thank you!

Robin Nixon

Want more than three?
Want a 3-minute session every day?

Take a look at my Persistent Growth Membership

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