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Are you more sedentary than you'd like to be? Do you know you should be moving more? Would you like to take care of yourself but don't find the time?​

Do you feel the need to calm your mind?


reduce stress?


Do you want the health benefits of mindfulness but find meditation challenging...


Do the words learning, improvement
exploration, Mindful Movement
, sound attractive to you?


You know, more or less, what you should be doing, BUT…

You find it difficult to stick with it for long?

You have no time for any of it?

You're not alone. And there's hope.

This Course is a GOOD FIRST STEP

You CAN create a practice that is 

Really short (so that time isn’t an issue);

​Really fun (so you’ll actually want to come back to it)

Varied (so you don’t get bored)

Effective (you’ll note the difference very quickly)

Supported by hard science (get the benefits of exercise, mindfulness and good habits all at once)

A tiny daily practice can get you all this. Let me show you how.

I have created a 5-day mini-course that can be your first step.
And it’s FREE.

There’s no effort involved. It’s not about trying harder.

What you need is consistency. Come back to it. Make it a habit.

In Mindful Movement Every Day I’m showing you how. And I’m teaching you how to keep going. It’s not a chore. It’s not a magic pill. It’s a living practice.

The time investment is ridiculous. A couple of minutes a day are enough.

If any of the following applies to you, worries you or rings a bell, this practice is for you.

  • You’ve been dragging some pain, stiffness or discomfort for a while. It may not be acute or make your life impossible, but you’ll be more than happy to get rid of it.

  • You’ve lost some mobility; you’re not as agile or flexible as you used to be.

  • You stopped doing some things you used to love doing.

  • You feel stiff and sore when you get up in the morning, or when you get up from your chair at the end of the day.

  • Your energy has been waning; you get tired easily.

  • You could use some more joie de vivre; you feel heavy and have little or no enthusiasm about new projects, or about life in general.

  • You may have some diagnosis that implies that you’ll never be able to do what you did when you were younger: arthritis, osteoporosis and the like…

  • You may even feel like you’ve done your bit; the train keeps going without you; you have no valuable place in this world any more, no role, no contribution.

  • Maybe you even feel like a burden to your family.

Does any of this sound familiar?
Are you accepting it as “the way things are”?
You think there’s nothing you can do about it?

I want you to know that it’s not true. And I’ll show you clearly and precisely what you CAN do. Take this FREE 5-day challenge and you’ll have taken a good first step:

  Regain mobility you thought you’ve lost forever

  Reduce pain and stiffness

  Focus better, increase your attention span

Keep your mind active and capable of learning

Find joy in movement: You’ll desire to move more!

 Move like you did 20 years ago

Whatever your baseline is, you will improve…

And then improve some more… and more

You’ll find yourself on a journey of transformation and growth

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Mindful Movement can do all that.This free mini-course will show you how.

Start your transformational journey today!

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